Conference «Well being for all in a sustainable Europe», Athens 4 March, 2019

On Monday 4 March 2019, the Greek audience had the opportunity to learn more about the Report on Sustainable Equality in a special event that was organized in Athens by A.D.G.I-INERPOST, FES & the S&D Group at the EU Parliament. The event’s central message was that another Europe is necessary but also feasible, a Europe that promotes the well being for all not only for the few, an inclusive, fair and sustainable Europe capable of making its citizens to have faith in her again.   (More info…)

Agora Forum 2018: The Future of Democracy

The Agora Forum 2018 that was organized by the Agora Dialogue  in cooperation with the Athens Development and Governance Institute (ADGI- INERPOST) in December 2018 under the title  «The Future of Democracy» has gathered in a three day event a group of experts from Cyprus and Greece as well as abroad in order to discuss topical issues linked to the principles of democracy such as human rights, ethics, freedom of speech etc.

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Lecture by Dr. Jo Puri: “Evaluating Sustainable Development Projects and Programs”, 16 March 2018, Athens

The Greek audience, in particular the students of the Economics Department at the Ethnikon & Kapodistriakon University of Athens had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jo (JyotsnaPuri, Associate Professor at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) & Head  of the Independent Evaluation Office of the Green Climate Fund during a lecture that she gave in Athens on March 16 2018 organized by A.D.G.I-INERPOST.

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Participation of A.D.G.I- ΙNERPOST at the Economist Conference: “World in Transition: The new jobs-The new skills“, 9 March 2018, Athens

A.D.G.I-INERPOST participated in the Economist Conference in Athens on 9 March 2019, through the organization of a panel discussion under the title “Robots versus Humans: Policy Challenges for future labor markets” which was moderated by the President of the International Advisory Board, Mrs. Louka T. Katseli.

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Conference “Rebooting Investment: What, How & by Whom” Friday 29 September 2017

Under the current economic situation in Greece, boosting investments is one of the most crucial factors with regards to the country’s overall growth. A.D.G.I-INERPOST gave the floor to experts and the protagonists of the investment sector with the view to discuss issues and barries in the current process as well as possible solutions.

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