The Athens Development & Governance Institute (A.D.G.I- INERPOST), is an independent, non-for-profit organization that promotes the principles of democratic governance and sustainable development at the national, European and international level.


Our activity is based upon the fundamental values of democracy. A democracy that is participatory, inclusive and socially just. A democracy that promotes peace, sustainable development and the well being for all via transparency and good governance.


Our vision is to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development, social inclusion and democratic governance at the national, European and international level, through the activation of citizens, the mobilization of progressive social and political forces and the drafting of relevant policy proposals.


We monitor developments at the EU and the international level related to the areas of activity of the Institute and we introduce them to the Greek audience.

We design, coordinate and implement programs and activities on sustainable development and good governance at the corporate, national, European and the international level.

We organize open consultations and dialogue forums in cooperation with national, business and social partners, scientific foundations and other organizations. We publish policy papers and special reports on the areas of interest of the Institute

We develop proposals and tools for the promotion, monitoring and evaluation of applied policies that could be also used by public, private and social partners.

We organize conferences, training seminars and round table discussions in order to strengthen dialogue and to facilitate the creation of networks