Third Sustainability Summit 16-17 October, Athens

Within the context of Agenda 2030, governments, civil society, academia and the private sector are working together towards achieving efficient and effective implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A.D.G.I INERPOST, partner of the Economist Event [...]

Circular Economy: the new economic development model

"We can win the bet of sustainable development in Greece if innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs get mobilized under the framework of an effective local government in the periphery" claimed Mrs. Louka Katseli, ex-Minister [...]


Summer School on CSR, Athens -23-27 September 2019

CSR Hellas,  cooperating partner of A.D.G.I- ΙNERPOST, is organizing the first Summer School on 23-27 September in Athens with  the goal to provide advanced training on the identification of sustainability-related business opportunities, the inclusion [...]

Why European elections matter

Article of Nicolas Karydes, Managing Director of Ampersand, author and collaborator of «Agora Dialogue» in Cyprus regarding the importance of the upcoming European Parliament elections. Read more: Why European Parliament elections matter A [...]

10 crucial questions to MEPs by Simon Maxwell

Simon Maxwell, a well-known economist and member of the International Advisory Board of A.D.G.I- INERPOST, has recently published an article commenting on the manifestos of each EU parliament political group while posing 10 crucial [...]