Founding of Athens Development and Governance Institute (A.D.G.I- INERPOST)


Organization of policy seminars & Launch of the series “Library of National Dialogue for the national strategy”

2005 – 2006

“Greece 2020”

Working meeting “Governance, Transparency & Development”
International Symposium in Delphi : “Local government: Actor of democracy και engine of social change and development”

25 June 2005

Conference Series : “EMU: Prospects and challenges for a new economic structure” following the Euro50 Group meeting in Athens.

30 June – 11 July 2008

Opening of Training Seminars in Development Cooperation

International Summer training course “Managing International Development Cooperation and policy”

April 2009

Political Forum 2009

Working meeting: “The institutional framework of transparent and efficient use of public money in Greece”

May 2010

International Symposium in Delphi

The UN in the 21st Century : The role and the appointment of the Secretary General

April 2015

International Seminar Series

Paul Krugman: “Europe: What next?”

October 2015

International Seminar Series

Dani Rodrik: “Structural Reforms: Lessons from other countries”

November 2015

International Seminars Series

Prof. Kemal Dervis: “The Future of Europe beyond Multiple Crises: A way forward”


Founding of International Advisory Board of the Athens Development and Governance Institute (A.D.G.I-INERPOST)

29 September 2017

Annual Conference of A.D.G.I-INERPOST: “Rebooting Investment: What, How and by whom;”


Annual Cooperation with the Delphi Economic Forum

March 2018

International Seminars Series

Dr. Jo (Jyotsna) Puri: “Evaluating Sustainable Development Projects and Programs”

March 2018

Annual Cooperation with The Economist Conferences


Annual Cooperation with Agora Dialogue

March 2019

Cooperation with “Progressive Society” (S&D Group of the EU Parliament)

Participation of the President of the International Advisory Board of A.D.G.I-INERPOST as Co-Chair of the Independent Commission on Sustainable Equality.

Official presentation of the Report on Sustainable Equality in Athens, in March 2019