We develop initiatives and programs with the goal to analyze, monitor and evaluate policies and reforms in various sectors of the public administration, the taxation system, the investment environment, the promotion of entrepreneurship and social welfare etc.

In this context, we draft research papers, we submit papers and we organize expert meetings and workshops among representatives of national and European authorities as well as of the business community with the view to encourage the exchange of views and to promote the evaluation of policies and the recommendation of proposals.

  • Organization of  the series “Policy Seminars” which were addressed to a limited number of experts depending on the selected discussion topic each time as well as to targeted decision makers. The seminar’s goal was to promote dialogue and the exchange of views and to submit verified policy proposals. These seminars during the period from 1992 to 2000 led to a series of publications under the title “Library of Public Dialogue for the national strategy

  • Closed meetings:
    “Proposal for the restructuring of the National Audit Office”
    “Greek financial sector and effective supervision”