A proposal for the replacement of the current Stability and Growth Pact that shapes the economic relations of the EU member states by a new Sustainable Development Pact has been presented by Mrs. Louka T. Katseli, the President of the International Advisory Board of A.D.G.I-Inerpost  at the Sustainable Development Festival in Rome, an initiative of the Italian Alliance for sustainable development.


This year’s festival was devoted to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the Agenda 2030.  The above proposal means that the economic policy will not be shaped any more only by fiscal terms but also by social and environmental goals. If the proposal’s policies are accepted, an important step towards abolishing the austerity policies on the one hand and taking on board the commitments of the EU member states regarding the application of the SDG’s until 2030.

The EU establishment is changing gradually. The #Agenda2030 for the application of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is being adopted by more and more member states. The EU businesses are also adjusting their production to the demands of the green economy, the environmental protection and the social responsibility.  The EU banks on the other hand, pose various environmental and social criteria with regards to project financing as they are also accountable to investors and shareholders. The EU’s youth put more and more pressure on the EU institutions for bolder decisions and policies. All the above have been widely discussed with the presence of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during the festival that was organized by the Italian Alliance of Sustainable Development.

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