On Monday 4 March 2019, the Greek audience had the opportunity to learn more about the Report on Sustainable Equality in a special event that was organized in Athens by A.D.G.I-INERPOST, FES & the S&D Group at the EU Parliament. The event’s central message was that another Europe is necessary but also feasible, a Europe that promotes the well being for all not only for the few, an inclusive, fair and sustainable Europe, capable of making its citizens to have faith in her again.

Mrs. Louka T. Katseli, Co-Chair of the Independent Commission on Sustainable Equality, underlined during her speech at the event, that this report, which is an initiative of the Progressive Alliance of S&D Group at the EU Parliament (Progressive Society) is to the concern of all citizens in every member state in particular at this crucial moment, right before the upcoming EU parliamentary elections.

This Report can really contribute to the creation of a real convergence all of Europe’s progressive forces for a democratic, fair and sustainable Europe that will fight every single day for the improvement of the well being and living conditions of all of its citizens. The goal of the event was to raise awareness with regards to the challenges that Europe will be facing the next few years and to discuss proposals that could reverse the continuous deterioration of the living conditions of many Europeans.

Mrs. Katseli mentioned that the Report responds to the above challenges with a long term vision and an innovative strategy as well as 100 practical, concrete and immediately applicable policies which are based upon the United Nations Sustainable Goals  (SDG’s) such as the empowerment of the participation of citizens in the decision making process, the reform and the supervision of the markets,  the promotion of social justice, safeguarding the ecological and social progress and the radical change of the governance system in Europe.

Mr. Udo Bullmann, President of the Progressive Alliance of S&D at the EU Parliament participated as keynote speaker, while the ex-Prime Minister of Denmark, Mr. Poul NyrupRasmussen delivered a televised message to the audience. At the panel discussion participated Mr. Miltiades Kyrkos, member of the Progressive Alliance of S&D of the EU Parliament and head of the political group “to potami”, Mr. Dimitris Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the EU Parliament and Head of the political group of Syriza, and Mrs. Marilena Koppa, ex-Member of the EU Parliament

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras delivered the closing remarks.