• Agamemnon Koliatsos is Member of the Board of A.D.G.I -Inerpost.

  • He studied Economics at the University of Athens (1982) and he completed a Masters Degree in International Economics first at Boston University and then at Columbia University (1994)

  • He has worked for several years in the private sector. Today he is Business consultant in renewable energy sources.

  • From 2003 until 2010 he was CEO, shareholder and Managing Director of two companies active in the development of wind farms as well as consultant with regards to the restructuring, the financing of companies and the development of various business plans.

  • From 1997- 2000 he was President of Αttalos Xrimatistiriaki, and from 2000-2003 he was Managing Director of Laiki Attalos Xrimatistiriaki.

  • From 1994- 1997 he worked as General Manager of Emporiki Ependytiki (ΑΕΕΧ) and advisor for the management of the portofolio of shares of Emporiki Kefalaiou.

  • Prior to that, he worked as scientific advisor in the Committee of Budgets (BUDG) and the Committee of Economics and Monetary Affairs (ECON) at the European Parliament. He has also served as representative of Greece at the Industry Group of the European Council.