Mr. Kwame Pianim is a celebrated Ghanaian business economist and investment consultant. After ten years as a political prisoner, he made a 1996 bid to run for the presidency of Ghana. Switching gears, he found success as a businessman in Accra. He serves as the Chairman of Ghana Financial Services Limited at Bayport Financial Services Pty Ltd. He serves as a Director at New World Renaissance Securities Ltd.  He served as Chief Executive Officer of New World Renaissance Securities Ltd (formerly New World Investments Limited) until April 2008. Mr. Pianim has diversified work experience in the international arena and in the private and public sectors of the Ghana economy. Prior to New World Industries, he was a private economic and investment consultant specializing in packaging investments for private placement. He served as an Economic Research Officer of United Nations, New York from 1964 to 1970; Acting Principal Secretary of Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning from 1970 to 1972, Deputy Managing Director of Ghana Aluminium Products Limited, Tema; Chief Executive of Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board from 1978 1979.